Building on your potential

What would it be like when you are doing the things you are good at? That you can be fully appreciated and can freely use your talent? That you can live and work effortlessly, in flow and full of energy? With use of head, heart and abdominal intelligence?

Your qualities, talents and pitfalls will be made clear with an assessment. An excellent starting point for more insight into yourself and further development. We like to work with renowned assessment methods: combined cognitive, and practice-based. For example with Insights or Assessment 2.0. ‘Insights’ is a development tool that provides insight into your own behavior preferences and the preferences of others. Assessment 2.0 is our own variation on the classic assessment. The assessment 2.0 is a thorough personality research that does justice to who you are at core, focused on your practice.

You have the ambition to change something in your work or in your life. You have your goal whether clear or not. We believe that people are naturally creative, complete and inventive. A good coach sees the field of possibilities around the coachee and helps him or her reach the goal. Effective coaching is not just a ‘mind’ case. Developland has developed a very personal style of coaching that applies, among other things, old principles from the martial arts (Aikido). The physical experience of the effect what convictions and judgments have, leads to surprising insights.

Develop yourself as a leader. What kind of a leader do you want to be? In which area do you want to develop? Today, leadership is not just about knowledge and skills and their application. Leadership is also about co-leading and co-creating because as a leader you cannot know everything yourself anymore. How do I open up to the ever-changing future? What are my talents and how do I apply them? How do I connect with others to realize the shared goal together?

Developland offers participation in a successful  Management Development Program for which you can register on our site.

Work gives meaning to a large part of our lives. How nice is it if you have work that suits you and where you can use your talents. That is not always the case. For example, you have ambitions but you do not know how to take the next step. Or you are stuck in your work. There can be many questions. Developland helps you with all questions to gain insight into your career issues and realize your ambition.

Be fit and stay fit. How do you keep your energy level up? Examining obligations versus needs in the field of work, family, social environment and for example friends brings more balance into your life. Developland has developed its own model that provides insight and makes you work on things that really matter to you.