Building on your organisation’s potential

Your organization represents something inspiring, your dream, your vision. You want everyone within your organization to realize the vision in which you strongly believe. Do people feel that engagement? Are you organized in such a way that your colleagues can really contribute to achieving your goals? Do people have all the skills and are they sufficiently developed? We can help you in our Developland way.

Various studies have shown that engagement of employees is one of the most important indicators for the success of your organization. Engaged employees have a strong connection with the vision and goals of your organization. If you want to strengthen the engagement within your organization, we can help you. We believe that engagement deserves both personal and collective attention and that it is a theme in which everyone bears responsibility. Together with Expoints, Developland has developed a research and approach that gives a good insight and initiates a real change.

You want to be an agile organization in which everyone takes their responsibility, proactively thinks along and contributes to the goals and results to be achieved. Developland has developed a conversation and review cycle that supports this desire and that inspires people. You also want this conversation with your employees? Please contact us.

Our HR scan offers a good insight into the current situation of your organization, in the used HR instruments, ‘tooling’ and  the experience of the employees on different HR themes. We make an inventory of the resources that are used within the organization, what policy is being pursued and what casuistics are going on. Next to that we focus on what the organization stands for and how that translates into roles, tasks and responsibilities . How does the HR scan work?

·       A document and file check;

·       Holding interviews with a number of employees;

·       Interviews with the board members;

·       Presenting the insights and the advice in a report;

·       Discussing the advice and possible follow-up steps.

With a backpack full of practical experience, a sharp listening ear and a creative foresight, we like to enter a conversation. Where are you now as an organization? Where do you want to be and what do you have to do in order to get there? In other words: with your company into the future. Developland thinks along with you about how you get your people aligned with the vision you have, with what you have in mind as an entrepreneur. But also in terms of what you want to organize for everyone, such as suitable employment conditions, honest feedback and a good workplace. Read more about what we do in HR through this link: what we do in HR

Hiring, managing, rewarding, developing and yes, sometimes also letting people go. These are themes that you have to deal with as an entrepreneur. Many issues can arise within your organization. Think of a sick employee, ambitious employees, a vacancy or a colleague who is not working properly. We are at your service for assistance with these daily personnel issues and the entire operational support.

All people within your organization have their own talents that you want to continue to use, regardless of the employee’s stage of life. Your organization continuously anticipates on developments in the market and we expect our employees to keep moving along. That requires flexibility and continuous learning. Developland has developed a research and approach that gives the organization a good insight and helps those employees to keep moving.

Which form of leadership suits you? Developland works from your vision on leadership and develops a program that fits your organization. Think of Collective Leadership, Agile work, Holacracy or any other form that suits you.

Whichever service you choose, to everything applies: with a fixed point of contact and with a team of experts, we provide you support on these issues. We offer you flexibility in the hours that are needed and expertise that is suitable. Always tailored, suitable for you as a customer and matching the subject where we support you on. Always from our belief in the potential of people. Always with a clear result in mind. Always personal, open and transparent. Unburdening you, so that you can focus on your talent.


Building on your teams potential

Building on your potential